See some of our many success stories

Someone referred me who got relief from crohn's and colitis. I was suffering too for 15 years. B'H I am also seeing significant results already.

S.L. Monsey

I was wondering if I would ever find relief from the constant tightness in my back. I was told it was emotional. Yet now after only a few sessions I am feeing too good to believe.

C.C. Monroe

The joint pain was non ending with only prescription drugs to deal with it. The relief from the sessions has been such a gift.

D.M.F. Monsey

I was davening for a yeshua, my little child has been suffering from an old infection that weakened her body. B'H I have seen her leg injury improve, her posture and walk is better and she is so much happier!

C.N. Chestnut Ridge

Post coronavirus... respiratory issues, a lingering cough and heaviness along with extremely high blood pressure all stabilized b”h due to Pemf Therapy. I am so grateful for this positive experience!

G.E. Spring Valley


After using Pemf my sons personality and confidence has greatly improved. There is more of a brightness and happiness to him. These benefits were besides for the ones that we saw from his primary issue. THANK YOU

L.W. Spring Valley


My anxiety, panic attacks and depression were not responding to medication. I was part of a 12-step program, but it wasn’t enough. I thank the Bashefer for helping me find Pemf. I truly didn’t believe it was mutar to feel so good.

C.R.C. Monroe


I enjoy playing ball in my free time. However, after an old knee injury resurfaced, I was unable to move around without tremendous pain and swelling. In the past it took more than 6 months to resume sports. I was told about Pemf and decided to give it a try. A month later I am 90% better and back on the court. Couldn’t be more satisfied.

S.S. Monsey


After my child was diagnosed with Crohn’s I had a hard time accepting that the only way he can feel better is by taking strong medications or having surgery. We gave Pemf a try and B”H we have seen significant results in just a short time. I can wholeheartedly say, this WORKS!

M.S. Airmont


I have seen tremendous progress for my son. His emotional behavioral issues have resolved. He is content, has friends and is settled. He can concentrate and enjoy his activities and accomplishments. I would highly recommend the sessions, they are pleasant and enjoyable.

A.G. Monsey


Before having children my weight was always normal. After 5 children I gained over 40 pounds. Pemf Therapy has helped me return to my old self.

C.S. North Jersey


My mother treated me to a few sessions because of my postpartum difficulties, one by one things are improving.

S.C.D. New Square


Since starting Pemf Therapy my son has been speaking clearer and faster. His thinking is much improved and displaying great creativity. He is on the ball, more alert, and getting along with his friends and siblings.

B.M Spring Valley


Pemf has brought me to a new level of being and functioning. Before starting Pemf Therapy I struggled with my day to day obligations and work performance. The Therapy has not only given me a short term boost, it has tremendously improved my overall well-being. I would not be able to accomplish what I have in business, family and my life without PEMF!

P.Y.F. Monsey


For years I had terrible back pain. I went to doctors, chiropractors, physical therapy... Nothing helped. With Pemf I had tremendous relief almost immediately. My back pain was way less, I am moving better, and have a lot more energy. The insomnia I had totally disappeared too. I got much more than I could of imagined. I wish I would have known about this sooner.

L.C. Pomona


Pemf is a godsend. I have had fibromyalgia and have suffered for more than 30 years until I discovered Pemf. The pain is almost gone due to the treatments I have received through Pemf treatments. I originally began these treatments for a fractured leg and found that not only the leg benefited but the fibromyalgia did as well. I would do it again if necessary. The treatments are pleasant and comfortable, and the administrators are a pleasure to be with. It's the best that I have experienced and I very much appreciate the opportunity to work with such lovely people.

J.G. Pomona